Essays from the Nick of Time

Reflections and Refutations
Mark Slouka



A new collection of prophetic essays from one of the sharpest practitioners of the form

Fables and Distances

New and Selected Essays
John Haines



Famous Builder

Paul Lisicky



"How difficult it is to make the familiar fresh again! Yet that's exactly what Lisicky does in this wise and unusual memoir."—Andrea Barrett

Feeling as a Foreign Language

The Good Strangeness of Poetry
Alice Fulton



"Fractal, electric, Fulton lands the crackle of the thinking sensibility onto the page. Reading these essays, we see poetry in a new way, its flings and intuitions subject to a most exacting sort of calibration. Here is a book not just for poets, but for all thinking readers."—Sven Birkerts


Kathleen Jamie



"A book of unparalleled beauty, sharpness of observation, wit, delicacy, strength of vision and rare exactness of language."—The Daily Telegraph

Frantic Transmissions to and from Los Angeles

An Accidental Memoir
Kate Braverman



"Braverman's talent, uncorked, is as bold and brave and beautiful as anything we see from writers of her generation."--Alan Cheuse, San Francisco Chronicle

Fugitive Visions

An Adoptee's Return to Korea
Jane Jeong Trenka



The powerful second memoir by the author of the widely acclaimed The Language of Blood

Geek Sublime

The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty
Vikram Chandra


The nonfiction debut from the author of the international best seller Sacred Games about the surprising overlap between writing and computer coding

The Graywolf Annual Five

Multi-Cultural Literacy
Edited by Rick Simonson and Scott Walker



"[A] challenging collection of essays that demonstrate the vitality of those on the margin—women and people of color—and reassert the value of multi-ethnicity on America's intellectual landscape."—Cecile Andrews, Seattle Times

The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld

A Memoir
Justin Hocking



Surfing in Far Rockaway, romantic obsession, and Moby-Dick converge in this winning and refreshing memoir


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