The Art of Daring

The Art of Daring
Risk, Restlessness, Imagination
Carl Phillips

“A writer’s (and a reader’s) manifesto, a testament to the importance of taking risks.”Los Angeles Times

“The insights—and questions they birth—in [The Art of Daring] extend far beyond the craft of poetry.”The Huffington Post

About the Book

Award-winning poet Carl Phillips’s invaluable essays on poetry, the tenth volume in the celebrated Art of series of books
In six insightful essays, Carl Phillips meditates on the craft of poetry, its capacity for making a space for possibility and inquiry. What does it mean to give shapelessness a form? How can a poem at once explore the natural world and the inner world? Phillips demonstrates the restless qualities of the imagination by reading and examining poems by Ashbery, Bogan, Frost, Niedecker, Shakespeare, and others, and by considering other art forms, such as photography and the blues. The Art of Daring is a lyrical, persuasive argument for the many ways that writing and living are acts of risk. “I think it’s largely the conundrum of being human that makes us keep making,” Phillips writes. “I think it has something to do with revision—how, not only is the world in constant revision, but each of us is, as well.”

Additional Reviews

“Abundant autobiographical glimpses lend substance and specificity to Phillips’s tenet that ‘art and life are forever part of the same thing.’”—Publishers Weekly