Board and Staff


Graywolf Press is led by Director and Publisher Fiona McCrae.

Our Board of Directors has between twenty and twenty-five members and provides fiduciary oversight of Graywolf’s operations. We have awarded Board Emeritus status to former board members who have made a significant impact in the history of the press.

The National Council is an informed advisory group of donors and friends across the country who support Graywolf’s efforts on a local basis, especially in the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, New York, Portland (Oregon), the Twin Cities, and Washington, DC.

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Jobs and Internships



Claudia Acevedo Quiñones, Publicist, coordinates media coverage and events for our authors.

Marisa Atkinson, Director of Marketing and Engagement, oversees the marketing and publicity department and the campaigns for our books, and is responsible for event programming strategy.

Mattan Comay, Sales and Operations Manager, manages reprints and award submissions, monitors book sales, acts as rights assistant, and processes Graywolf’s accounts payable.

Katie Dublinski, Associate Publisher, oversees book production and art direction, handles subsidiary rights, and occasionally acquires fiction and nonfiction titles.

Chantz Erolin, Editor, supports Jeff Shotts, manages poetry submissions, and acts as in-house copyeditor.

Rachel Fulkerson, Director of Advancement and Operations, oversees development, finance, HR, and technology, and works with the Board of Directors.

Yuka Igarashi, Executive Editor, acquires fiction and nonfiction titles.

Anni Liu, Associate Editor, supports Fiona McCrae and Ethan Nosowsky and coordinates the Graywolf Press Africa Prize.

Fiona McCrae, Director and Publisher, serves as Graywolf’s executive director. She oversees all departments and works closely with our Board of Directors. She also acquires fiction and nonfiction, and represents Graywolf nationally and internationally at conferences and events.

Ill Nippashi, Marketing Manager, supports our bookseller outreach.

Ethan Nosowsky, Editorial Director, is responsible for shaping Graywolf’s prose lists; he acquires fiction and nonfiction titles.

Casey O’Neil, Sales Director, works with our distributor (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), our sales representatives, and booksellers around the country to ensure Graywolf books are well represented in the marketplace.

Josh Ostergaard, Senior Development Officer, stewards Graywolf’s major donors, including members of our National Council, and manages fundraising events.

Shaina Robinson, Marketing and Events Coordinator, supports the marketing and publicity department by booking author tour events.

Jeff Shotts, Executive Editor and Director of Poetry, is responsible for Graywolf’s poetry list; he also acquires literary nonfiction and criticism titles.

Jessica Williams-Sullivan, Editorial Assistant, supports Katie Dublinski and Yuka Igarashi and manages submissions.

There hasn't been a single moment in my nearly five years with Graywolf when I haven't been treated with absolute respect, by people who are clearly superb at their jobs.

J. Robert Lennon

Board of Directors

Cathy Polasky (chair), Ramona Advani, Art Berman, Karin Birkeland, Kathleen Boe, Brian Childs, Milo Cumaranatunge, Michelle Keeley, Chris Kirwan, Jill Koosmann, Aimee Lagos, Maura Rainey McCormack, Zachary McMillan, Sharon Pierce, Shahina Piyarali, James Short, Winifred Smith, Debra Stone

Board Emeritus

Marilynn Alcott, Betsy Atwater, Ann Bitter, Page Knudsen Cowles, Sally Dixon, Colin Hamilton, Diane Herman, Ed McConaghay, Katherine Murphy, Mary Polta, Bruno Quinson, Gail See, Kay Sexton, Margaret Telfer, Melinda Ward, John Wheelihan, Margaret Wurtele

National Council

Maura Rainey McCormack (co-chair) and Shahina Piyarali (co-chair), Melchora Alexander, Catherine Allan, Susan Anderson, Betsy Atwater, Marion Brown, Kelsey Cerovac, Edwin Cohen, Page Knudsen Cowles, Ellen Flamm, Vicki Ford, Lee Freeman, Thea Goodman, Paul Griffiths, Tyneisha Harris, John Michael Hemsley, James Hoecker, Barbara Holmes, Misha Inniss-Thompson, Mark Jensen, Georgia Murphy Johnson, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Guy Lampard, Jeffrey Leak, Shawn Liu, Lisa Lucas, Chris LaVictoire Mahai, Elsie Meeks, Elise Paschen, Bruno Quinson, Susan Ritz, Marita Rivero, Paula Roe, Salvatore Scibona, Gail See, Sushma Sheth, Stephanie Stebich, Louise Steinman, Kathryn B. Swintek, Kate Tabner, Margaret Telfer, Nancy Temple, Diane Thormodsgard, Glyn Vincent, Joanne Von Blon, Kristin Walrod, Susan Watson, Tappan Wilder, Shirley Zanton