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Considered one of the nation’s leading independent, nonprofit literary publishers, Graywolf Press publishes books that foster new thinking about what it means to live in the world today. From its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graywolf publishes an annual list of thirty to thirty-five new titles and organizes around two hundred local and national events featuring its authors each year.



Graywolf Press does not currently have any open applications for employment. 

The 2022 fellowship will run from September 2022 through June 2023. The application period for the annual Citizen Literary Fellowship is now closed and will reopen in August 2022. 


Applications for these roles closed on October 25, 2021. Graywolf Press is hiring two remote interns for a six-month Publishing and Editorial Internship. Internships are being conducted remotely, but applicants must reside in California, Hawaii, Minnesota, or New York for the duration of the internship.

This internship is intended to provide intensive educational and hands-on experience in the workings of a literary nonprofit publishing house, with projects from the Editorial, Marketing and Publicity and Development departments of Graywolf.

Over the course of the program, interns will have an opportunity to learn more about the publishing industry as a whole through focused conversations with staff members about the departments they work in and their careers. In addition to these informational interviews, interns will be invited to attend key all-staff and department specific meetings. Interns are also encouraged to take advantage of any opportunities to ask questions and learn more about areas of publishing that are of particular interest to them.

Interns will receive minimum wage ($15 per hour), paid twice monthly as regular wages. They will also receive a free copy of each Graywolf book published during the session. The internship schedule is a flexible fifteen hours per week for a period of six months starting January 10, 2022 and ending July 1, 2022. We expect interns to set aside ten office hours each week for check-ins, meetings, informational interviews, and online time when you’ll be reachable by email or Teams. Office hours to be determined based on availability between 10:00am and 5:00pm CT, Mondays through Thursdays, and 10:00am and 3:00pm CT Fridays.

While we understand that applicants will have simultaneous commitments such as school and employment, we will not consider applicants who will be enrolled in another book publishing internship, or who will otherwise be employed by another book publisher at any point during your internship with Graywolf. We do not discourage you from applying for multiple publishing positions at once, but we ask that you withdraw your application from Submittable as soon as you accept a position elsewhere. This restriction does not apply to those working in journal and magazine publishing.

We hope at the end of this internship that you will have learned:

  • The publishing path from manuscript submission to final printed book
  • How the editorial, marketing/publicity, and development departments work together and support each other
  • What makes Graywolf different from other publishers and from other nonprofits

Internship Tasks and Duties

Interns will complete the following tasks and duties remotely. Applicants must have access to a workspace with personal computer and high-speed internet for video conferencing and email.

Interns will work on projects from every department. We anticipate about 50% of worktime being dedicated to editorial work, 35% to marketing and publicity, and 15% to development.

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Internship Qualifications

Due to the number of applications we receive, the acceptance process is highly selective. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, detail-oriented, energetic, and eager to seek out and support new and original literary voices. Preference will be given to applicants in at least the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree or who have equivalent experience.

Internships are being conducted remotely, but applicants must reside in California, Hawaii, Minnesota, or New York for the duration of the internship.

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To Apply for an Internship

Applications for 2023 will open in October 2022 via Submittable.

Graywolf Press is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity. We welcome and encourage applicants of all races, ethnicities, gender and sexual identities, and disability statuses. To request an accommodation in the hiring process, please email access@graywolfpress.org.

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Citizen Literary Fellowship

The Citizen Literary Fellowship is grounded in our belief that while diversity in the books and authors we publish is vital, it is equally important that the people publishing these books reflect that diversity. The fellowship is intended to attract candidates who otherwise would not have access to publishing, and to therefore increase the diversity and inclusivity of the industry.

Throughout the year, the fellow will receive active coaching and encouragement from the whole Graywolf team. Our hope is that this fellowship will serve as a doorway to a successful career in publishing or a related literary field.

It is a part-time (24 hours per week), non-exempt, ten-month position starting in February 2021. Compensation includes $25,000 (paid twice monthly as regular wages), paid time off, and health and dental insurance.

Opportunity Summary

The Citizen Literary Fellowship is a paid, comprehensive ten-month fellowship designed to support a person who is interested in learning more about the publishing industry through an introductory, hands-on experience. Through substantial project-based work in the editorial and marketing/publicity departments, the fellow will gain a broad base in publishing and be prepared to launch or further a career in the field. We are flexible regarding the educational background of the candidate, but this position is not intended for those attending school full time.

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Key Responsibilities

The fellow will work closely with senior staff in both the editorial and the marketing/publicity departments as they follow new and forthcoming books through every stage of the publication cycle. In addition to attending virtual events and participating in remote meetings as a member of the staff, the fellow will also have an active role in Graywolf’s outreach efforts. When appropriate, we will tailor activities to align with a fellow’s particular interests and skills.

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Preferred Attributes and Experience

We are looking for a motivated, creative, and enthusiastic candidate with the following attributes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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