Some back-to-school reads from our very own Jeffery Renard Allen, Tony Hoagland, Diane Seuss, and Steve Stern, teachers all. These are, of course, for extra credit.

"Poems, it might be said, aren’t at home in the history books. Which is why I write them." With this week marking ten years after Hurricane Katrina, Katie Ford revisits some of her poems from Colosseum about the storm and its aftermath.

Sara Majka’s cerebral debut story collection, Cities I've Never Lived In (publication date: February 2016) is the second book in Graywolf's collaborative efforts with A Public Space. APS editor, Brigid Hughes, introduces us to this collection about distance and belonging, at turns both sad and humorous.

“My relations with dead friends keep changing as much as when they were alive. So writing these poems was a way of keeping them near me. . . . Phil Levine once said, ‘Love’—let's not use that word. It's been used ten thousand eight-hundred and seventy-six times.’ I suppose this is my way of saying it, but without using ‘that word.’”—Tom Sleigh

of the Week
August 31, 2015
Tony Hoagland

"In this poem from his new book Application for Release from the Dream, Tony Hoagland examines the limited nature of his artistic medium, namely, language, how it stretches so far and yet, sometimes, lacks the satisfaction of immediate and brief specifity in our most poignant moments."—Trevor Ketner, Marketing Assistant

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