We asked some of our authors to recommend a book they believe every American should read over the Fourth of July, books they think are essential to the American conversation they see happening right now. As usual they did not disappoint!

"[Joshua] Cohen’s newest novel, Book of Numbers, just released by Penguin Random House, is a tome of metafiction. . . . But if you want a taste of Cohen before undertaking a book that has been compared to Infinite Jest, the stories in Four New Messages offer a condensed prophecy from a playful, dexterous, and uncannily veracious writer."—Remy Mason, Editorial Intern

"So, the goddamn flag is flying over the State Capitol. Don’t take it down, just take it. That’s what I say."

Graywolf couldn't run without our wonderful interns and we are grateful for everything they do behind the scenes—so now it's time to shine the spotlight on them! We're pleased to introduce our Summer 2015 interns.

of the Week
July 2, 2015
John Burnside

"Here's a peek at a summer poem of a different shade from John Burnside's T.S. Eliot Prize and Forward Prize winning collection, Black Cat Bone, making its US debut tomorrow!"—Trevor Ketner, Marketing Assistant

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