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The Time of the Doves

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Mercè Rodoreda; Translated from the Catalan and Introduced by David Rosenthal
The Time of the Doves, the powerfully written story of a naïve shop-tender during the Spanish Civil War and beyond, is a rare and moving portrait of a simple soul confronting and surviving a convulsive period in history. The book has been widely translated, and was made into a film.

"Mercè Rodoreda is the writer I cannot stop talking about."—Alberto Ríos

"[I] read [The Time of the Doves] cover to cover all in one afternoon. When I was finished, I felt as foolish as Balboa discovering the powerful Pacific."—Sandra Cisneros, from her Foreword to Camilla Street

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5 1/4 x 8 1/2
"The most beautiful novel published in Spain since the Civil War."—Gabriel García Márquez

About the Author

Merce  Rodoreda
Credit: Lletres Catalanes
Mercè Rodereda was born in Barcelona in 1908, at a time when Catalonia was autonomous and its citizens were allowed to speak, write, and study their own language.  She published five novels between 1932 and 1937, and then fled into exile at the end of the Spanish Civil War, when the Catalan culture was brutally suppressed.  She did not publish again until 1959. Afterwards, she regularly produced novels and collections of short stories and became a fixture on Catalan best-seller lists.  When Franco died, most restrictions on the use of Catalan were lifted, and Rodereda returned to Barcelona, where she died of cancer in 1983.
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  • The Time of the Doves is a book of tender and subtle grace, filled with a deep innocence.”—Colm Tóibín, The Times Literary Supplement
  • The Time of the Doves reminds me that writing can be an act of resistance as well as a reclamation of one’s beliefs, culture, and humanity.”—The Millions
  • “Rodoreda has artfully reconstructed the experiences of a Barcelona shop girl throughout her sharp joys, dogged toil, and nightmare hardship before, during, and after the Spanish Civil War.”—Kirkus Reviews
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