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Modern Life

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Matthea Harvey
From the author of Sad Little Breathing Machine, Matthea Harvey's Modern Life introduces a more serious voice, one troubled by fear and love and what is to come. In the central sequences, "The Future of Terror" and "The Terror of the Future," Harvey imagines a political and global conflict that seems frighteningly familiar. Another sequence describes the life and times of Robo-Boy, who comes to adolescence and struggles with his dual personality—part boy, part machine. Throughout is Harvey's signature wit and concision, in lyrics and prose poems about the double-natured side of objects and humanity, of what we see and what we know.

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6 x 9
"Matthea Harvey's vision of America is spooky, apocalyptic, and beautiful: proof that there is wonder in even a dark time like ours."—George Saunders

About the Author

Matthea  Harvey
Credit: Rob Casper
Matthea Harvey is the author of five books of poetry, including If the Tabloids Are True, What Are You?, Modern Life, winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award and a New York Times Notable Book, and Of Lamb, an illustrated erasure. She teaches at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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  • Named by the New York Times as a "Notable Book" and by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a "Best Book of 2007"
  • “A pleasure. . . this collection should make us optimistic about the future of American poetry.”—The New York Times Book Review
  • “Nothing short of blazingly original.”­­Time Out New York
  • “Harvey continues to match her unique sensibility with subjects that matter; her poems are both empathic and delightful.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review
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