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Many Circles

New and Selected Essays
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Albert Goldbarth
Many Circles collects the best of Goldbarth's three earlier essay collections, along with several new pieces. Goldbarth, whom Joyce Carol Oates has called "a dazzling virtuoso who can break your heart," weaves through an array of fascinating topics (including alien life, Jewish history, pop culture, ancient and recent events, and quantum physics) to explore the greater questions of our existence and our universe. Each essay, in language and topic, is a rich and extraordinary adventure, full of surprise and epiphany. As Robert Atwan, editor of The Best American Essays series, has noted: "Theses essays are a whole new breed . . . Goldbarth has spliced strands of the old genre with a powerful new gene—and the results are miraculous."

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6 x 8 7/8
New and selected essays spanning 21 years of work

About the Author

Albert  Goldbarth
Credit: Michael Pointer
Albert Goldbarth is the author of Adventures of Form and Content and more than twenty-five books of poetry, including Everyday People, To Be Read in 500 Years, and The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems 1972–2007. He has twice won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry, and is a recipient of the Mark Twain Award from the Poetry Foundation. He selflessly lives in Wichita, Kansas.
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  • “Goldbarth belongs by rights to the company of America’s premiere literary essayists, somewhere between Annie Dillard and David Foster Wallace.”—Publishers Weekly
  • “Past lives, false memories, a stripper, and an archeologist all engage his avid attention and agile interpretative skills.”—Booklist
  • “Goldbarth marries emotions, thoughts, and events we never thought to see in proximity to one another; through his genius we rediscover the world's history and our own. No one else now is writing what Albert Goldbarth gives us because no one else can.”—Frederick Busch
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