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Halls of Fame

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John D'Agata
John D'Agata journeys the endless corridors of America's myriad halls of fame and faithfully reports on what he finds there. In a voice all his own, he brilliantly maps his terrain in lists, collage, and ludic narratives. From Martha Graham to the Flat Earth Society, from the brightest light in Vegas to the artist Henry Darger, who died in obscurity, D'Agata's obsessions are as American as they are contemporary. Halls of Fame is an absorbing, utterly distinct book that hovers on the brink: between prose and poetry, between deep seriousness and high comedy, between the subject and the self.

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8 1/2 x 5 1/4
Halls of Fame, described by Publishers Weekly as "the cutting edge of literature," is now available in paperback

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John  D'Agata
Credit: Thomas Langdon
John D’Agata is the editor of The Making of the American Essay, the author of Halls of Fame and The Lifespan of a Fact, and the editor of The Next American Essay and The Lost Origins of the Essay. He teaches creative writing at the University of Iowa, where he directs the Nonfiction Writing Program.
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  • “D’Agata is an alchemist who changes trash into purest gold.”—Guy Davenport, Harper’s Magazine
  • “John D’Agata has created a collection of essays like a stealth bomb.”—American Book Review
  • “With the diligence of a manic tour guide, D’Agata exhaustively catalogues his encounters, inventing whole new ways of looking as he goes.”—Rain Taxi Review of Books
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