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Alyson Hagy
With Boleto, Alyson Hagy delivers a masterfully told, exquisitely observed novel about our intimate relationships with animals and money, against the backdrop of a new West that is changing forever.
“Hagy follows modern-day Wyoming cowboy Will Testerman on his simple quest: to make his way in the world through his gift for working with horses, and to prove he can spot raw talent by training a quarter horse, bought cheap, into a polo pony he can sell for riches. . . . Will himself is an endearing character, everything you’d want in a cowboy—honest, forthright, polite, capable, modest, yet not so squeaky clean that he makes your teeth ache. In language that is lucid and true, Hagy tells his story, one that will resound with readers long after Will Testerman rides off into the sunset.”The Dallas Morning News

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5.5 x 8.25
“[Hagy] provides an unsentimental portrait of modern-day cowboys. . . . She details each twitch of Boleto’s ears in language both acute and lyrical.”—The New Yorker

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Alyson  Hagy
Credit: Ted Brummond
Alyson Hagy was raised on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She is the author of eight works of fiction, most recently Scribe. She lives in Laramie, Wyoming.
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  • “Hagy will inevitably recall Annie Proulx, Kent Haruf and Cormac McCarthy. But she is writing as much about wealth and class, about work and privilege, as about horses and the Western landscape.”The Washington Post
  • “Like many of the great writers of the West, Alyson Hagy’s writing is spare and eloquent. . . . The sweep of the story is reminiscent of artwork, and its solemnity has a nearly religious intensity.”—
  • “You come to Boleto as you would to a ranch or a polo match, for the horses. . . . Ultimately . . . the pure connection between a cowboy and a horse has no corollary in the world of double-dealing humans. . . . Touching and bittersweet.”The Wall Street Journal
  • “Like the Wyoming landscape, this novel has an austere beauty. . . . Boleto is a quiet novel, but one that reverberates like a stone thrown into a deep, still mountain lake.”Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
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