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A Novel
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Percival Everett
Training horses is dangerous—a head-to-head confrontation with 1,000 pounds of muscle and little sense takes courage, but more importantly patience and smarts. It is these same qualities that allow John and his uncle Gus to live in the beautiful high desert of Wyoming. A black horse trainer is a curiosity, at the very least, but a familiar curiosity in these parts. It is the brutal murder of a young gay man however, that pushes this small community to the teetering edge of intolerance.

Highly praised for his storytelling and ability to address the toughest issues of our time with humor, grace, and originality, Everett offers a brilliant novel that explores the alarming consequences of hatred in a divided America.

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6 x 9
New paperback edition available! "An unsettling look at intolerance and its logical end in violence."—The New York Times Book Review

About the Author

Percival  Everett
Credit: Michael Avedon
Percival Everett is the author of more than thirty books, most recently JamesDr. No, winner of the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award; The Trees, finalist for the Booker Prize; and Telephone, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.
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  • Winner of the PEN USA Literary Award for Fiction, 2006
  • Wounded is a briskly written novel by an author of ready intelligence and considerable wit who is not shy about taking on complicated issues.”—Washington Post
  • “While it’s tempting to compare Wounded to something by Cormac McCarthy or Walter Van Tilburg Clark, in which a brutal landscape makes for brutal men, this book is more about men who resist such pressures with all the humanity they can muster.”—Time Out Chicago, Top 10 Book of 2005 
  • “One day Everett will get the wider recognition he deserves, and this novel…may help toward that.”—San Francisco Chronicle
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