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Window Left Open

Author 1
Jennifer Grotz
Poem Excerpt
The poppies are wild, they are only beautiful and tall
so long as you do not cut them,
they are like the feral cat who purrs and rubs against your leg
but will scratch you if you touch back.
Love is letting the world be half-tamed.

                        —from “Poppies”
These poems are full of the sensory pleasures of the natural world and a slowed-down concept of time, as Jennifer Grotz records the wonders of travel, a sojourn at a French monastery, and the translation of thoughts into words, words into another language, language into this remarkable poetry. Window Left Open is a beautiful and resounding book, one that traces simultaneously the intimacy and the vastness of the world.

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7 x 9
“Jennifer Grotz has successfully reinvented poetry for herself—and for us.”—Adam Zagajewski

About the Author

Jennifer  Grotz
Credit: Beowulf Sheehan
Jennifer Grotz is the author of Window Left Open and the award-winning author of two previous poetry collections, The Needle and Cusp. Her poetry has appeared in the New Republic, the New Yorker, and Best American Poetry. She teaches at the University of Rochester.
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  • “Grotz pays exquisite attention to everything she encounters. . . . Landscape, language and art all have a place in this slim volume.”The Washington Post
  • “Meditative. . . . Reminiscent of well-known contemplative poets like Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Jane Kenyon, and Charles Wright.”Orion
  • “Sharp and durable . . . aspirations to wisdom, to a poetry that values introspection and patience over flash and disconnection, drive Grotz’s third and best collection.”American Poets
  • “Refreshing. . . . The sensory honesty of her language invites us in, as do her neatly trimmed sentences. . . . This juxtaposition of simplicity and sudden insight is reminiscent of Sufi poems.”—Santa Fe New Mexican
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