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My Lesbian Husband

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Barrie Jean Borich
"In My Lesbian Husband, Barrie Jean Borich asks a fascinating question: do the names we give our relationships change their meanings? Each chapter entertains an aspect of this question with prose that is spirited, artful, anything but pat. Here is an author who takes neither love nor the power of language for granted, and her book is as provocative and lively as the love it evokes. An extraordinary performance by a writer who renews our wonder at the complexity of human connection."—Bernard Cooper

"A book to be savored—lying with your head in your girlfriend's lap."—Out

"An empathetic writer who can do justice to simple happiness and complicated love."—MS.

"A compelling, profoundly felt book. . . . A clear and rare view into the lives of two women and their world. . . . This lively memoir helps us to come that much closer to a mystery: the inexplicable fact of long-held affection, long-held desire, which can bind two people far more deeply than state or church ever could."—Mark Doty, Ruminator Review

"Barrie Jean Borich wins my respect with her ingenious and original description of feelings which, for many, need translating into a familiar language. She writes about her lover and their life together with a rare deftness, clarity, and antic sense of humor, never strident or defensive, rather self-confident and as if she herself were curious to discover what she is thinking about their relationship."—Rosellen Brown

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6 1/8 x 9 1/4
Award-winning memoir about marriage and love

About the Author

Barrie Jean Borich is the author of My Lesbian Husband, winner of the American Library Association GLBT Book Award, and Restoring the Color of Roses (Firebrand Books), a memoir set in the Calumet region of Chicago where she grew up. She lives with her beloved, Linnea Stenson, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and teaches at Hamline University and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
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