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My Favorite Apocalypse

Catie Rosemurgy
A lively, fresh, and outspoken debut, My Favorite Apocalyse reveals the poetical influence of W.B. Yeats as well as that of Mick Jagger. "Everything in my life led up / to my inappropriate laughter," Rosemurgy writes. With a deep sense of irony and sharp-edged wit, she shows readers why the cruelties of relationships, inevitable bad luck, and soul-searching rock-n-roll deserve both cynicism and reverence.

"Rosemurgy is best when she speaks outright. 'Show don't tell,' goes the old mandate, but Rosemurgy understands the power of telling directly . . . A clear, authentic, compelling voice."—Billy Collins

"Anyone fearful of prodigious imagination should get out of the way of My Favorite Apocalypse fast . . . [Rosemurgy] is bluesy, Plathy, magnificently unabashed, yet possessed of real gifts for rhapsody and tenderness."—Rodney Jones

"My Favorite Apocalypse is full of wonders. It has a confiding, urgent, lit-up tone."—Amy Gerstler

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6 x 9
"My Favorite Apocalypse is seductive: I couldn’t stop reading such luscious, insouciant work."—Alice Fulton

About the Author

Catie  Rosemurgy
Credit: Carrie Cooper
Catie Rosemurgy is the author of Stranger Manual and a previous poetry collection, My Favorite Apocalypse. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and teaches at the College of New Jersey.
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