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The Man from Kinvara

Selected Stories
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Tess Gallagher
Tess Gallagher’s vivid and rewarding short stories bear witness to the intimate details and subtle revelations of daily life. Set mostly in Gallagher’s native Pacific Northwest and drawn from her two widely acclaimed collections, The Lover of Horses and At the Owl Woman Saloon, these stories contain the lives of loggers, bartenders, bear wrestlers, gamblers, Avon ladies, horse whisperers,

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6 x 9
Selected stories from a renowned poet and prose writer "who savors the elegance of simplicity and whose stories resonate and linger."—The New York Times Book Review


About the Author

Tess  Gallagher
Credit: Morella Muñoz-Tebar
Tess Gallagher is the author of eleven books of poetry, including Is, Is Not; Midnight Lantern: New and Selected Poems; Dear Ghosts; and Moon Crossing Bridge. Gallagher spends time in county Sligo, Ireland, and also in her hometown of Port Angeles, Washington.
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  • “An exquisite account of the confrontation of the ordinary and extraordinary. . . . The book displays an almost symphonic range of tones that emanate from a variety of distinct characters. . . . Throughout her depictions, Gallagher modulates among humor, wonder, and surprise.”—The Literary Review
  • "Most of the stories in The Man From Kinvara are set in Gallagher's beloved Pacific Northwest, and she brings this area alive in her prose. These stories are bursting at the seams with true heart."—The Feminist Review
  • “The characters in The Man from Kinvara are men, women, and children who observe the world in terms of story, which is to say, they view themselves, and others, as part of a larger meaningful narrative. The stories are rife with generosity or compassion, and the characters possess great sentiments without the residue of sentimentality, and possess also a curious, uncommon dignity, operating with a worldview that relies upon hope as its fuel.”—Rick Bass
  • “[Gallagher’s] stories are very quiet and warm, and, at the same time, earthy and emotional.”—Haruki Murakami
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