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The Kitchen Sink

New and Selected Poems, 1972-2007
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Albert Goldbarth
Now his, the only
overhead turned on. Now nothing else existed:
only him, and the book, and the light thrown over his
as luxuriously as a cashmere shawl.
—from “Shawl”

Albert Goldbarth has created an unmistakable signature style—learned, copious, hilarious, and heartbreaking. The Kitchen Sink brings together forty new poems with a rich selection of earlier poetry, ranging from the brief, flickering lyric to the long, narrative sequence. This is the definitive book by one of America’s most original and entertaining poets.

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6 x 9
Now in paperback, the career-spanning retrospective by Albert Goldbarth, the only poet to have won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry twice

About the Author

Albert  Goldbarth
Credit: Michael Pointer
Albert Goldbarth is the author of Adventures of Form and Content and more than twenty-five books of poetry, including Everyday People, To Be Read in 500 Years, and The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems 1972–2007. He has twice won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry, and is a recipient of the Mark Twain Award from the Poetry Foundation. He selflessly lives in Wichita, Kansas.
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  • “In the hands of a poet like Goldbarth…the whole is so much more than the dribblingly delicious sum of its parts.”—Los Angeles Times
  • “Goldbarth’s imagination is nomadic, his curiosity omnivorous, taking him to 17th century Prague and an encounter with a golem, to Rembrandt’s studio where Gypsy Rose Lee happens to drop in, to the Chicago neighborhood he grew up in.  Albert could outtalk and outwit Leno and Letterman, Stewart and Colbert; he’s much funnier than all of them.”­—Parnassus
  • “This long collection is just right for this poet of excess and enthusiasms, always hoping to show, and often showing, how ‘the world// not only works but networks.’”—Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • “Albert Goldbarth is a national treasure, one of America’s most original and entertaining poets.”—Sanford Herald
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