Body Language

Body Language
Writers on Sport
Gerald Early, Editor

About the Book

Thirteen writers contribute to the Graywolf Forum on humanity's enduring obsession with sports
Body Language: Writers on Sport, the second book in the Graywolf Forum Series, gathers thirteen contemporary creative writers who offer personal reflections on our public obsession: from the pool hustler to the closet baseball fan; from late-night rodeo on cable TV to tennis games on the weathered fields of Illinois; from the aging basketball player to the anxious young girl determining whether to strike out the boy who is her friend. Through these individual narratives we begin to recognize the universal themes that galvanize both sport and literature: conflict and sacrifice, ritual and passion, humiliation and heroism.


Gerald Early
Jonis Agee
Teri Bostian
Cecil Brown
Wayne Fields
Lorraine Kee
Phillip Lopate
James A. McPherson
Vijay Seshadri
Kris Vervaecke
Loïc Wacquant
Anthony Walton
David Foster Wallace