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Paul Kingsnorth
“Come to a place like this . . . and you will understand soon enough that this world is a great animal, alive and breathing.”
Beast plunges you into the world of Edward Buckmaster, a man alone on an empty moor in the west of England. What he has left behind we don’t yet know. What he faces is an existential battle with himself, the elements, and something he begins to see in the margins of his vision: some creature that is tracking him, the pursuit of which will become an obsession.

This short, shocking, and exhilarating novel is a vivid exploration of isolation, courage, and the search for truth that continues the story set one thousand years earlier in Paul Kingsnorth’s bravura debut novel, The Wake. It extends that book’s promise and confirms Kingsnorth as one of our most daring and rewarding contemporary writers.

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5.5 x 8.25
The stunning new novel from the prizewinning author of The Wake

About the Author

Paul  Kingsnorth
Credit: Clare McNamee
Paul Kingsnorth is the author of Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist, Beast, and The Wake. He cofounded the Dark Mountain Project, a global network of writers, artists, and thinkers in search of new stories for a world on the brink.
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  • Beast cements Kingsnorth’s reputation as a furiously gifted writer.”The Washington Post
  • “[Written] with unnerving smoothness and lyricism. . . . [Beast] leads readers away from optimism and realism alike, deeper into a new scrutiny of the stories by which we try to make our way.”San Francisco Chronicle
  • “On its own, [Beast] is a taut, thrilling and mystifying narrative. Taken in tandem with The Wake, it forms a powerful meditation on violence, society and the nature of exile.”Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
  • “Kingsnorth’s writing can be taken as a hopeful message from collective human history about persisting amid a semi-permanent state of catastrophe. . . . What Beast proffers is access to the minds and emotional lives of characters who endure.”The Atlantic
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