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Among Women

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Jason Shinder
In this collection of poems, Shinder courageously explores men's fear of sexual intimacy using a personal, very private voice that whispers from the mire of lived human experience. In crisp, clean lines, the poems accurately convey the vulnerability, longing, and shame associated with the fear of human contact and communication. Sometimes achingly sensual, though never sentimental, Shinder treats this subject with daring and originality.

"I love these poems for their unbearable honesty. I love what these poems say and I love the form in which they say it. Jason Shinder is one of our finest new poets."—Gerald Stern

"I don't know of any male poet who approximates the honest terror and desire, the sense of shock that runs through these poems . . . It is offensive to say that these poems are brave and yet they are brave. And also lyrical and grieving."—Carol Muske-Dukes

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6 x 9
"Here, in this astonishingly transparent collection, is a poet at his most permeable, most lucid, most luminous . . . Here is the heart and its opening and the rose and the bee and its sting."—Lucie Brock-Broido

About the Author

Jason  Shinder
Credit: Brad Fowler

Jason Shinder was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1955. He was the founder and director of the YMCA National Writer's Voice, as well as the director of Sundance Institute's Writing Program. He taught in the graduate writing programs at Bennington College and the New School University.

He is the author of Among Women (Graywolf Press, 2001), Every Room We Ever Slept In (1993), a NY Public Library Notable Book, and the chapbook Uncertain Hours.

Shinder is also the editor of many anthologies, most recently: The Poem That Changed America: "Howl" Fifty Years Later (2006) and The Poem I Turn To: Actors and Directors Present Poetry That Inspires Them (2008).

His awards and fellowships include serving as Poet Laureate of Provincetown, MA, and a 2007 Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. He divided his time between Provincetown and New York City. Shinder died in April 2008.

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