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Jeffrey Yang


“As the old song blows down to us: in a snowstorm, facing the icy winds, while the other animals drift and mourn, only the Gray Wolf laughs. While the other animals lie buried in the snow, only the Gray Wolf breaks a new trail running under the suns three shadows blue against the bright snow.”—Jeffrey Yang

Salvatore Scibona


“At a time when literary publishing is supposedly in retrenchment everywhere, Graywolf keeps on growing: making bolder, wiser, more beautifully designed books, expanding their readership, and reminding us that the great books of the future are being written right now.”—Salvatore Scibona, National Book Award finalist 

Robert Boswell


“Writers think of Graywolf as one of the best presses in America. I know that for a fact.”—Robert Boswell

Mary Jo Bang


“Graywolf really believes in poetry and really cares about representing their press and the fine people behind it. They make sure their books have every opportunity of being noticed.”—Mary Jo Bang, NBCC Award winner

Charles Baxter

“Places like Graywolf are not in the business for a quick buck—they think of publishing books that have some staying power year after year after year.”—Charles Baxter, National Book Award finalist

Deborah Baker

“Graywolf brought a level of professionalism, delicacy, and pure inspiration to the publication of my manuscript that would never have seen the light of day otherwise.”—Deborah Baker, National Book Award finalist

Percival Everett

"Graywolf is a house concerned with the artistic and literary life of this culture, not with merely selling books, though they do that pretty well, too."—Percival Everett

Tracy K. Smith

“Graywolf is in the business of books that will last. I’m honored to be one of their authors, and to be published alongside many of the writers who made me want to become a poet in the first place.”—Tracy K. Smith, Pulitzer Prize winner