Next Page Campaign Donors

Next Page Campaign Donors

Completed in 2014, the Next Page Campaign raised $2 million for an Author Fund, Audience Fund, and new digital initiatives to support, grow, and sustain the Press's vital publishing program. We are already seeing the difference that an investment like this can make, and we offer heartfelt thanks to all of our Next Page Campaign donors.




Bruce and Martha Atwater

Betsy and Jule Hannaford

Lannan Foundation

Bruno and Mary Ann Quinson


$25,000 - $99,999

Carolyn Foundation

Jay and Page Cowles

Judy Dayton

Ellen Flamm and Richard Peterson

Christine and Jon Galloway

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Haugen and the Richards Family Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Head Family Foundation

Tom Joyce and Annette Atkins

John and Kathy Junek

Constance and Daniel Kunin

Anne Simonson

Joanne Von Blon


$10,000 – $24,999

Gifts given in honor of Fiona McCrae

Trish and John Anderson

Carol and Judson Bemis

The Blessing Way Foundation Inc.

Donors to the "Join the Pack" Fundraiser

Kathleen Erickson

Great River Energy

Polly Grose

Shirley Hughes

Chris LaVictoire Mahai and Daniel Mahai

Ed McConaghay and Margaret Telfer

Fiona McCrae and John Coy

Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller

Leni and David Moore

Wenda and Cornell Moore

Katherine and Kingsley Murphy

Joan and John Nolan

Cathy Polasky and Averial Nelson

Susan Ritz and Ethan Atkin

Gail See

Kim Severson and Philip Jemielita

Kate Tabner and Michael Boardman


$5,000 - $9,999

Catherine Allan and Tim Grady

Mary and Bob Carswell

Vicki and Silas Ford

Lee Freeman

Roger Hale and Eleanor Hall

Hawkins Family Foundation

Diane and John Herman

Barbara Holmes

Walter McCarthy and Clara Ueland

Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale

John and Suwanee Murphy

Georgia Murphy Johnson and Bruce Johnson

Mary Polta

Stone Pier Foundation

Diane and Gaylord Thormodsgard

Kim Vappie

Penny Winton

John Wheelihan and Tom Hunt


Up to $4,999

Tom and Marge Barrett

Jessie Blackburn

Noah Bly

Susan Boren

Ronnie and Roger Brooks

Kit and Awen Briem

Patty Brophy

Camille Burke

Carolyn Chalmers and Eric Janus

Chris and Gary Cohen     In honor of Marilyn Mason

Albert and Suzie Colianni

David Dayton

Paula and Cy DeCosse

Sally Dixon

Doug Donaldson     In honor of John Wheelihan and Tom Hunt

Julia Donaldson

Katie Dublinski and Chris Fischbach

Andrew Duff

David and Kathy Galligan

Archie Givens, Jr. and Carol Meshbesher

Colin Hamilton and Helena MacKenzie

Robert and Carolyn Hedin

Hickrill Foundation Inc.

Weston Hoard

Betsy Hodges and Gary Cunningham

Kerry and Lang Hunt     In honor of John Wheelihan and Tom Hunt

Penny Hunt

Will and Claudia Kaul

Hart and Susie Kuller

Heather Dewar Langner and Ben Langner

James and Susan Lenfestey

Ann and Reid MacDonald

Kevin Martin and Hansa Jacob-Martin

Martha and Stuart Mason

Martin Meyer and Elise Maxwell

Tom Meyer and Martha Meyer-Von Blon

James McCarthy and Gloria Peterson

Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale

Georgia Murphy Johnson and Bruce Johnson

David and Mary Neal

Anne Tuthill Polta and John Polta

Dan Riley and Kristi Koelfgen

Rebecca and Mark Roloff

James and Laura Ross

Sandra Ryan

R.T. Ryback and Megan O’Hara

Eunice Salton

James Sewell

Linda and Larry Shelton

Jesse and Linda Singh

Nancy Speer and Jim Shaver     In honor of Diane Herman

Stephanie Stebich

John Stiles

Judy Titcomb

Olga Viso

The Wallin Foundation

Melinda Ward

Tappan Wilder

Elizabeth and Rufus Winton