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New and Selected Poems
Author 1
Jim Moore
Poem Excerpt
“It’s coming so fast,”
says an old woman across from me,
            speaking to no one in particular:
she nods her head in agreement with herself
            and strictly speaking
who can argue with her?
—from “Underground”
Jim Moore’s first career retrospective shows a poet whittling down experience to its essential confrontation with one’s own limitations, whether it be time running short, or understanding running thin, or capacity running low to think or feel or love enough. Underground gathers the best poems from across Moore’s seven previous books and includes twenty new poems. This is the definitive volume by a poet of great depth and generosity.
Praise for Jim Moore:
“Jim Moore’s poems are an artful amalgam of humor and fierce attention, suffused by a passion for ancient Asian poetry. Like his sage poet-teachers he grasps the quiet power of white space, knowing that what is unsaid is often just as crucial as what is.”—The New York Times
“I have loved Jim Moore’s brief ‘invisible strings’ since I first stumbled into a few in a magazine. They are chips of reality, obsidian flakes of the heart and mind.”—Jane Hirshfield, Ploughshares

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6 x 9
“Jim Moore writes of history, of love, of pain, of the intimate revelations of a consciousness alive to itself.”—C. K. Williams

About the Author

Jim  Moore
Credit: @ 2020 JoAnn Verburg
Jim Moore is the author of seven books of poetry, including Underground, Invisible Strings, and Lightning at Dinner. His poetry has appeared in the Nation, the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Spoleto, Italy.
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  • “Sweetly inviting and strongly felt. . . . These five decades of poems are of a piece, showing that the world is beautiful, yet it ‘fails its beauty. / What choice, but to love the failings themselves.’ ”—Publishers Weekly
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