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Names for Light

A Family History
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Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint
Names for Light traverses time and memory to weigh three generations of a family’s history against a painful inheritance of postcolonial violence and racism. In spare, lyric paragraphs framed by white space, Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint explores home, belonging, and identity by revisiting the cities in which her parents and grandparents lived. As she makes inquiries into their stories, she intertwines oral narratives with the official and mythic histories of Myanmar. But while her family’s stories move into the present, her own story—that of a writer seeking to understand who she is—moves into the past, until both converge at the end of the book.

Born in Myanmar and raised in Bangkok and San Jose, Myint finds that she does not have typical memories of arriving in the United States; instead, she is haunted by what she cannot remember. By the silences lingering around what is spoken. By a chain of deaths in her family line, especially that of her older brother as a child. For Myint, absence is felt as strongly as presence. And, as she comes to understand, naming those absences, finding words for the unsaid, means discovering how those who have come before have shaped her life. Names for Light is a moving chronicle of the passage of time, of the long shadow of colonialism, and of a writer coming into her own as she reckons with her family’s legacy.

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5.5 x 8.25
Winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize, a lyrical meditation on family, place, and inheritance

About the Author

Thirii Myo Kyaw  Myint
Credit: Dennis Shyu
Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint is the author of The End of Peril, the End of Enmity, the End of Strife, a Haven. She has a BA from Brown University, an MFA from the University of Notre Dame, and a PhD from the University of Denver. She teaches at Amherst College. 
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  • “Composed in compressed, laser-sharp interrogations of immigration and prejudice, colonialism and inheritance, Names for Light reads like poetry. . . . In its power, intensity, and visual presentation, Names for Light evokes recent works of Claudia Rankine.”—
  • Names for Light is a poetic love letter to the people who make us who we are, and a reminder of the difficulty some face to find one’s way home.”Ploughshares
  • “[A] hypnotic memoir. . . . In lyrical prose, Myint straddles dream and reality. . . . Her poetic narration is indisputably alluring. . . . This serpentine narrative is a thing of beauty.”Publishers Weekly
  • “On a line-by-line level, the book is spectacularly lyrical, and each word feels perfectly chosen. . . . An imaginative and compelling memoir about what we inherit and what we pass on.”Kirkus Reviews, starred review
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