My Feelings

My Feelings
Nick Flynn

“[These poems are] buzzing, stinging plunges into the complicated colony of self. . . . [Flynn’s] songs of experience hum with immediacy.”The New York Times

My Feelings offers no easy answers, yet the writing and the desire for transcendence make the journey compelling.”The Washington Post

About the Book

The daring and intimate new book by poet and memoirist Nick Flynn, “a champion of contemporary American poetry” (NewPages)
. . . the take from his bank jobs, all of it


will come to me, if I can just get him to draw me

a map, if I can find the tree, if I can find


the shovel. And the house, the mansion he

grew up in, soon a lawyer will pass


a key across a walnut desk, but even this

lawyer will not be able to tell me where this


mansion is.


—from “Kafka”
In My Feelings, the author makes no claims on anyone else’s. These poems inhabit a continually shifting sense of selfhood, in the attempt to contain quicksilver realms of emotional energy—from grief and panic to gratitude and understanding.

Additional Reviews

“Flynn’s collection reminds us that feelings come from somewhere, often dark places, and they are not self-indulgent or gratuitous, but essential.”Houston Chronicle

“Flynn’s savage lines and elegantly unraveling syntax reconcile the personal, the cultural, and the unbearable with the vital, redemptive power of pain.”Interview Magazine

My Feelings overflows with grief, terror, anguish, guilt, and desire . . . stemmed by the levees of Flynn’s lean, precise, often uncapitalized and understated lines.”—Virginia Quarterly Review