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Natalie Diaz’s Postcolonial Love Poem has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, and Percival Everett's Telephone has been named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Moon Crossing Bridge

Tess Gallagher
"Tess Gallagher's is perhaps the most deeply moving and spiritual and intensely intelligent poetry being written in America today. In Moon Crossing Bridge, during a period of devastating loss, as she learns 'to sleep again on earth,' she is at the peak of her considerable powers. This is a wild and beautiful collection that I will keep close to me."—William Heyen

"These poems are a gift of a poet's heart and soul to her readers—songs of love and loss, of pain and recovery: a touching, at times haunting, reminder of what it means to walk through this life wide-eyed and head-up, no matter the obstacles and impasses. A brave, unsparing, searchingly considered lesson for and statement to those of us lucky enough to meet the author through this book."—Robert Coles

"What to say about this new book is a difficulty. Are we blessed in the fact that the death of her lover, friend, and husband happened to Tess Gallagher just at the height of her mastery? An atrocious idea! Yet it will occur to every reader, I'm sure, because the degree of originality in these poems—written, after all, in the most conventional of poetic circumstances—makes them absolutely extraordinary. I mean originality of language and image, of imagination. Poems like "Black Pudding," "Magenta Valentine," "Deaf Poem," "Spacious Encounter," and many others are unforgettable—death poems full of vigor; horror, love, grief, and spiritual wonder in a single vision. They compel our minds and hearts completely."—Hayden Carruth

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5 3/4 x 9
Tess Gallagher's best-known and beloved collection of elegies to her husband, the writer Raymond Carver

About the Author

Tess  Gallagher
Credit: Morella Muñoz-Tebar
Tess Gallagher is the author of eleven books of poetry, including Is, Is Not; Midnight Lantern: New and Selected Poems; Dear Ghosts; and Moon Crossing Bridge. Gallagher spends time in county Sligo, Ireland, and also in her hometown of Port Angeles, Washington.
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