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Lightning at Dinner

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Jim Moore
It is not beautiful, this dying,
but it is what this god has for a tool.
—from "Blood Harmony"

Jim Moore's sixth collection—loving and grief-ridden—bears down on loss and how to render it in art with clarity enough to outlast our small, brief lives. Through the anguish of a mother's death, the ravaged beauty of foreign landscapes, and the turmoil of political misrule, these poems arrive at both elegy and celebration for human limitations.

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6 x 9
A new collection by Jim Moore, "a public poet in touch with what is universal and true . . . The product of his efforts needs to be in every American library"—Choice

About the Author

Jim  Moore
Credit: @ 2020 JoAnn Verburg
Jim Moore is the author of seven books of poetry, including Underground, Invisible Strings, and Lightning at Dinner. His poetry has appeared in the Nation, the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Spoleto, Italy.
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  • “Few [poets] achieve such unblinking, unsentimental directness… A powerful accomplishment.”—Speakeasy
  • “The poems…elaborate the contradiction between longed-for stillness and necessary continuation, between the end of suffering and the ineluctability of time, as Moore grieves his own as well as his mother’s death.”—Booklist
  • “The poignant free verse perfectly captures the timeless nuance of wistful emotion.”—Wisconsin Bookwatch
  • “Moore is a public poet in touch with what is universal and true. He tries to connect the reader through authentic human speech to what is meaningful and affirmative in life. This is an extraordinary activity for a living poet, and the product of his efforts needs to be in every American library.”—Choice
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