Graywolf intern Talia Young offers a poignant appreciation for this collection of poems that grapples with not only Shinder’s mother’s illness, but his own.

The $35,000 award is given to writers in the process of completing a book of nonfiction and will support Baker’s next book, The Last Englishman, to be published by Graywolf Press in 2018.

Winner of the Cave Canem Prize in Poetry in 2015 and nominated for the National Book Award in Poetry this year, Bestiary is a fiercely beautiful collection of poems, ostriches, whales, centaurs, and mermaids, and it's mesmerizing early readers.

Monica Youn's Blackacre has landed, and in this essay she looks at everything from Pokémon Go to the Annotations to Finnegan's Wake to illustrate why words are inseparable from their history.

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October 24, 2016
Monica Youn

The repetition of "The Hanged Man" in Part I of Blackacre illuminates the multifaceted, multi-storied nature of language rooted in the history of chattel slavery: the intertwining meanings ascribed to bodies, property, place, and the concept of rememory à la Toni Morrison’s Beloved. In “The Portrait of a Hanged Man” we travel swiftly along with him, from chamber to tree. Until we let our mouths open and feel ourselves go slack.—Hadiya Shire, editorial intern

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