We asked Diane Seuss to write a bit about Myrtle Corbin, Diane's muse for part of her new collection Four-Legged Girl, the cover of which features a striking photograph of Myrtle herself. Diane gave us something dark, weird, and beautiful just as we knew she would.

We're giving away three copies of On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss to celebrate its paperback pub date! Don't miss out on your chance to grab a copy!

Some back-to-school reads from our very own Jeffery Renard Allen, Tony Hoagland, Diane Seuss, and Steve Stern, teachers all. These are, of course, for extra credit.

"Poems, it might be said, aren’t at home in the history books. Which is why I write them." With this week marking ten years after Hurricane Katrina, Katie Ford revisits some of her poems from Colosseum about the storm and its aftermath.

of the Week
October 5, 2015
Jeffrey Yang

"Jeffrey Yang's "U.S." is a still life of sorts, a portrait or imagining of the United States in its multifaceted, contradictory existence, a fish with many faces, if you will, some of them quite terrible or uncomfortable to behold."—Trevor Ketner, Marketing Assistant

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