“A short talk with a long list inside it. . .” We're thrilled to share here Robert Polito's recent address at AWP 2016 in LA, in which he praises the power of works that “operate along the seams of poetry, fiction, and essay”

Sjohnna McCray’s debut collection of poems, Rapture, releases this week, and he shares here his formative experience in a creative writing workshop led by the poet Henri Cole.

To celebrate today's publication of Maggie Nelson's The Red Parts: Autobiography of a Trial, we share her new preface to the paperback edition.

In advance of this Saturday's panel on The Darkening Trapeze at AWP in LA, we conclude our series of writers celebrating the work of Larry Levis with these high words from Mark Doty.

of the Week
April 25, 2016
Diane Seuss

This is the final section of a longer poem inspired by Billy Strayhorn's song "Lush Life." Seuss, whose latest book Four-Legged Girl was recently named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in poetry, plucks flowers, colors, flutes of champagne from the smoke of a club in this incantatory, hypnotic homage to jazz that is also a real explosion of poetic power. The poems Seuss writes are full of images that are startling, unforgettable — not least for how smoothly and effortlessly she evokes them — and in this section, the appropriately syncopated language brings a delightfully strange music to the hazy place between language and song from which this poem springs. — Susannah Sharpless, editorial assistant

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