Two perfect novellas arrive this week from Dorthe Nors, with countless readers already in agreement that SO MUCH FOR THAT WINTER is this year's perfect summer read.

Max Porter's Grief Is the Thing with Feathers hits stores today, arriving on a wave of extraordinary praise from early readers.

Dorthe Nors's So Much for That Winter comes out next month, and five lucky readers will receive free copies signed by the author! Subscribe to A Public Space for a chance to win!

Gretchen Marquette's debut poetry collection May Day arrives this week, just in time for the spring celebration that partially inspired its name. Here Gretchen shares how this day—in particular, the way it is experienced in her Minneapolis neighborhood—has influenced her life and work.

of the Week
June 20, 2016
Mary Jo Bang

Known for her emotional intelligence and precision, Mary Jo Bang is a poet of force; and this poem, from her award-winning collection Elegy, is no different. Employing piercing sentence fragments and powerfully collapsed images, Bang here discusses the death of her son with sharp nuance, strained hope, and the clarity of unceasing grief. —David Freeman, editorial intern

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