Monica Youn's Blackacre has landed, and in this essay she looks at everything from Pokémon Go to the Annotations to Finnegan's Wake to illustrate why words are inseparable from their history.

Celebrating the publication of RIVERINE with Angela Palm’s musings on the power of one-word book titles, and the circuitous path to the perfect subtitle

“Things can get complicated.” Standoff by David Rivard hits stores this week, and designer and art director Michaela Sullivan reflects on the unique situation that arises when the cover designer happens to be married to the author.

Graywolf Press publisher’s appointment to the NBF’s Board of Directors announced today.

of the Week
September 19, 2016
Fanny Howe

The lines in this poem create the world slowly, measuredly, out of nothing. What is this making, Fanny Howe seems to ask, an act of profound empathy or of confused selfishness, misguided attention? The poem gives no answers, simply persists.—Susannah Sharpless, editorial assistant

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