“There is nothing juicier than smoked dead animals and literary gossip,” writes Four-Legged Girl author Diane Seuss. This fall, the Graywolf Poetry Tour traveled to Chicago, St. Louis, and Portland, and Seuss tells us in her own words—definitely unlike anyone else’s—how it was.

"This one made me a fangirl for life." Amanda Bullock on her five favorite books of 2015, and the latest installment in the High Fives series.

Ming Di and Jennifer Stern illuminate how they translated Empty Chairs while the author, Liu Xia, is living under strict house arrest enforced by the Chinese government.

It takes a dedicated and hardworking team to keep Graywolf running, and our interns are an integral part of our success. We're grateful for the work they do behind the scenes—so now it's time to shine the spotlight on them! We're pleased to introduce our 2015 Fall interns.

of the Week
November 30, 2015
Christopher Gilbert

This poem's “Willie” is (as Christopher Gilbert explains in another poem) the name of the person he sees in the mirror—a person he feels ambivalently towards at best. As Gilbert wrestles with the social and poetic implications of this disconnect, the reader learns from him a sort of updated moral teaching, a regrettable inversion of the golden rule: sometimes it is easier to be kind to others than it is to be kind to yourself. — Susannah Sharpless, administrative assistant

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