A Novel
J. Robert Lennon

“A masterpiece of mood.”—Boldtype

“[Lennon] methodically baits readers with mystery and the macabre until the hook is set and then yanks it back with a vengeance. . . . Here, the surprising denouement packs a powerful and brutal punch.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

About the Book

"Castle tells a terrific story, dire and confusing and convincing."—Scott Bradfield, The New York Times Book Review  

Eric Loesch, a private man with a shadowy past, returns to his hometown in rural New York where he purchases a dilapidated house that he begins to renovate with steely determination. The adjacent woods on his property seem to beckon him, and he soon discovers a gothic castle at the center of his land that he appears not to own. Loesch looks for an explanation, and the reader is drawn into a taut and mesmerizing story that reveals a great deal not just about one man's past, but about America's recent military misadventures. Castle is a "terrifying and psychologically complex mystery signaling an important American writer in full command of his powers."—Jeff Baker, The Oregonian


Additional Reviews

“[J.Robert Lennon] is a young, imaginative, astoundingly prolific writer.”—Andrew Sean Greer, The Rumpus

“A brilliant, classical, psychological horror story that sticks to and gnaws at the bones.”—Oregonian