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Author Diaries: Diane Seuss on the Graywolf Poetry Tour

“There is nothing juicier than smoked dead animals and literary gossip,” writes Four-Legged Girl author Diane Seuss. This fall, the Graywolf Poetry Tour traveled to Chicago, St. Louis, and Portland, and Seuss tells us in her own words—definitely unlike anyone else’s—how it was.

Craig Davidson Tour Diary

Craig Davidson, author of Cataract City, shares some of his book tour highlights, with stops at Newtonville Books and BookCourt in New York.

William Stafford in the World

On the celebration of the William Stafford Centennial and the publication of Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems, Stafford’s son, Kim Stafford, has compiled an astounding list describing just some of the ways Stafford’s work has become an enduring conversation with the world.—Jeff Shotts

Author Diaries: Kevin Barry on Tour

"Many writers find the prospect of public readings, for example, nerve-shredding—I find the prospect calming. Put me in front of a microphone and all anxiety disappears." Kevin Barry, author of Dark Lies the Island, writes about his recent North American book tour.

For and Against Author Photos, Part Two

In the second part of a two-part series, Stephen Burt, author of the newly published poetry collection Belmont, defends the value of author photos: "Author photos can change the unacknowledged assumption that American writers who do not write about being black or Asian or Native, etc., must be white."

For and Against Author Photos, Part One

Stephen Burt, author of the newly published poetry collection Belmont, questions the value of author photos: "I used to hate the process because it made me feel awkward, posed, not really 'me.' That feeling has something to do with writing poems and essays and books; with wanting to be judged by my words, not my face."

J. Robert Lennon: Five Important Story Collections

I get uneasy declaring my favorite anything—my mind changes about such things from day to day. So I thought I'd make my list less of a top five than an Important Five—books that, for one reason or other, have been influential on me as a writer.

Francis Spufford: Why I Write

It’s always struck me as unfair that writing has so little sensation when it’s going well. When it’s going badly, then you feel it: there’s the gluey fumbling of the attempts to gain traction on the empty screen, there’s the misshapen awkwardness of each try at a sentence (as if you’d been equipped with a random set of pieces from different jigsaws).

Back to Earth: Tracy K. Smith on Her New Poetry Project

It took me a long time to figure out how to break the silence that followed the completion of Life on Mars. For me, a silence following a finished book is normal, something I’ve come to expect and, in a strange way, to trust.


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