Song of the Shank on the Cover of The New York Times Book Review












Congrats to Jeffery Renard Allen, whose Song of the Shank  gets a rave review on the cover of the 6/22 New York Times Book Review! Here's a snippet:


"[A] masterly new novel. . . . It sagely explores themes of religion, class, art and genius, and introduces elements of magic realism . . . resulting in the kind of imaginative work only a prodigiously gifted risk-taker could produce. . . . Song of the Shank brilliantly portrays the story of Blind Tom while providing keen insight into the history of Reconstruction. But at its heart, it also reminds us denizens of never-will-be postracial America of one simple but everlasting truth: 'Them chains is hard on a man. Hard.'"


For a more thorough introduction to Song of the Shank, check out Editorial Director Ethan Nosowsky's preview of the novel's first pages, or read an excerpt from the bookStay tuned for much more media news coming down the pike!