Publication Day: Woke Up Lonely by Fiona Maazel


We're giving away three copies of Fiona Maazel's new novel Woke Up Lonely—which has been wildly praised by booksellers, the media, and fellow writers like Karen Russell and Jim Shepard—to celebrate its April 2 publication date. To enter, just leave a comment on our blog. We'll pick three winners at random. Good luck! 




"Fiona Maazel’s new novel won’t take no for an answer—it grabbed me from page one and didn’t let me come up for air until the last page; I really think I may have bruised my ribs from laughing.”—Karen Russell, author of Vampires in the Lemon Grove


Thurlow Dan is the founder of the Helix, a cult that promises to cure loneliness in twenty-first century America. The Helix has become a national phenomenon—and attracted the attention of governments worldwide. But Thurlow, camped out in his Cincinnati headquarters, is lonely for his ex-wife, Esme, and their nine-year-old daughter. Esme is a covert agent who has spent her career spying on Thurlow, in an effort to protect him from the law. Now, with her superiors demanding results, Esme recruits four misfits to botch a reconnaissance mission. But when Thurlow abducts them, he ignites a siege that could keep him and Esme apart forever. With fiery, exuberant prose, Maazel takes us on a ride through North Korea’s guarded interior, a city of vice beneath Cincinnati, and a commune housed in a Virginia factory, while Thurlow, Esme, and their daughter search for a way to be a family again. 




April 3: Book Launch, PowerHouse Arena. Brooklyn, NY

April 8: Franklin Park Reading Series: Amy Hempel, Teddy Wayne, David Gilbert, Maris Kreizman. Brooklyn, NY

April 11: Comedy in Fiction, a panel: Jim Shepard & Sam Lipsyte. Center for Fiction, NYC

April 13: Austin New Fiction Confab. Austin, TX

April 15: McNally Jackson, with Jennifer Gilmore. NYC

April 16: Powell’s. Portland, OR

April 17: Elliott Bay. Seattle, WA

April 18: The Booksmith. San Francisco, CA

April 20/21: L. A. Times Book Festival

April 24: Boswell Books. Milwaukee, WI

April 25: Magers & Quinn. Minneapolis, MN

May 8: Harvard Book Store, with Amy Hempel. Boston, MA

May 9: River Run Books. Portsmouth, NH




"Brilliantly imagined."—Vanity Fair


"Woke Up Lonely is another wunderkammer, a deeply felt and wildly original novel that repays the attention it demands, and once read won't soon be forgotten."—Bookforum


"It's as if a Paul Thomas Anderson movie (The Master, There Will Be Blood) married a David Foster Wallace novel and had a baby. Which is to say, this story is weird, thrilling, and inimitable."—Marie Claire


"Considering (among other things) solitude in the digital era, Maazel's rhythmic prose carries the twisty tale with confidence."—Time Out New York


"Maazel takes a cue from Kurt Vonnegut by creating a novel that blends the plot of a dramatic thriller with wacky humor and bits of science fiction."—BUST


"There's nothing better than a really good cult novel—especially a wonderfully written, brutally satiric one."—Flavorpill, Must-Reads for April


"At turns satiric and heartfelt, Maazel’s novel brims with energy and life."—Publishers Weekly


"Fiona Maazel’s new novel won’t take no for an answer—it grabbed me from page one and didn’t let me come up for air until the last page; I really think I may have bruised my ribs from laughing.”—Karen Russell, author of Vampires in the Lemon Grove


"No one does loneliness, self-abasement, and dread like Fiona Maazel. And maybe no one other than George Saunders illuminates with as much sadness and comic brio the grotesqueness of the extent to which we fall short—as citizens, as family members, and as individuals—of who we imagine ourselves to be.”—Jim Shepard, author of You Think That's Bad


"Fiona Maazel’s imagination is so wild—wild being an under-observed variety of honesty—that you feel like you’ve woken up into one of those rare novels as real as life. Hooray for such a talent!”—Rivka Galchen, author of Atmospheric Disturbances


Woke Up Lonely is a wild thing of genius. So funny and so smart. Maazel's novel presents us with a warped mirror of our country and the time we live in. . . . I wish the Coen brothers would make a movie (a la Burn After Reading) of this book complete with a soundtrack by the Fugs. I envy those who are about to read this truly one-of-a-kind work of fiction.”—Cody Morrison, Square Books


“Fiona Maazel writes like an angel—and prods and stabs like a devil. Woke Up Lonely is a torrent of narrative energy, rich with observation and incident, all of it shot through with a sad, savage humor that had me laughing and wincing at the same time. Maazel brilliantly taps into the sinking feeling that, even in wired and socially networked America, we're all in this together, alone.”—Brandon Stout, Changing Hands Bookstore


“In her new novel, Woke Up Lonely, Fiona Maazel delivers a panoramically imaginative rumination on contemporary culture and our collective desperation for happiness. Maazel has the gift of making the seemingly incongruous seem logical and, more importantly, weaves them together in a way that provides emotional depth and resonance. Oh, and she's funny as hell. Woke Up Lonely will stay with you long after you've finished it.”—Jaime Clarke, Newtonville Books


“Springing from the fertile soil of Kim Jong-il and L. Ron Hubbard, David Koresh and Brandon Darby, cult leader—and savior of the lonely—Thurlow Dan finds himself pursuing the lost love of his life (Esme, his ex-wife) and their young daughter at the same time that his movement is hurtling toward a likely disaster. A gifted observer and original voice, Maazel has crafted a story that is guaranteed to bring readers flocking to her pages.”—Michael Link, Joseph-Beth Booksellers


“Fiona Maazel has put her observant finger on the nation's lonely pulse: A thoroughly original, enjoyable read, Maazel has captured our collective sadness and turned it into an amazing madcap adventure that will leave you reeling. Woke Up Lonely is brilliant, and perfect for everyone. Except people who don't like fun.”—Liberty Hardy, Riverrun Bookstore


“Finally, a riveting spy novel that addresses American loneliness, the seductive power of self-help cults, and the nuclear capabilities of North Korea. Masterfully written, infused with brutal honesty and unconditional compassion, Woke Up Lonely is hilarious, beautiful, and insane. It just might be the best blueprint we have for understanding the nonsense of today's reality.”—Casey O'Neil, Elliott Bay Books


“Fiona Maazel is a frighteningly talented, pyrotechnic writer, and Woke Up Lonely is a hilarious, sweet, utterly original novel.”—Jill Owens, Powell’s Books


“It's terrying. It's wonderful. It's modern America wrapped into 336 pages of action and drama. Thurlow Dan is one of those characters who you laugh at and with. He's too crazy to be true yet everyone knows there are people like him out there. His struggles and failures and mini-triumphs become something you care about as Maazel's sharp writing crashes along.”—Hans Weyandt, Micawber's Books


“Fiona Maazel's Woke Up Lonely is a wild-ride-of-a-novel that hijacks readers to a crazy world where American religion, self-help, and governmental control converge in a way that seems less far flung and more accurate the further into her finely rendered chaos you get. . . . I feel confident to announce that Maazel is emerging as the star of smart, dark humor.”—A. N. Devers, Community Bookstore


“Fiona Maazel has written the book that every novelist of her generation has been trying to write. Maazel's world is what you see when you look out the window, a paranoiac dystopia that affectionately embraces each of our many national anxieties—shadowy government organizations, mass cults and corporate influence, loneliness and identity—and our growing fear about our place in the world. This is the alienated America we call home and Woke Up Lonely might be the best new book of its kind.”—Jeff Waxman, 57th Street Books


“Crisp and modern, Woke Up Lonely was one of those rare reading experiences that put me in mind of absolutely nothing else I've ever read. With dry humor and undeniable style, Maazel draws lines from corporate cult-dom to Kim Jong-il and back around to a cage fight with 'The Orca.' Confused? You won't be. Which is just part of the magic of Woke Up Lonely.”—Susannah Long, Diesel Books


“What an incredibly hilarious and original story. Maazel's witty writing is a breath of fresh air. Woke Up Lonely takes you for an unforgettable ride with a zany plot and one-of-a-kind characters.”—Emily Johnson, Magers & Quinn


"Buckle your seat belt. You're in for a wild ride. Woke Up Lonely takes you across the country and to North Korea and back in a tightly plotted, intricately woven web of characters and relationships. . . . Woke Up Lonely continually surprises with its imaginative race to connect characters with what is most important: each other."—Suzy Tacaks, The Book Cellar



Can't wait to read this one!

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"at any time you make use of the throw with this Knockmore men, recognize you have for a warfare, Hanley ideas. "for that reason everyone typed the entire review being conscious of it likely isn't those reasonably, yet when they get home throughout, we one mission, [url=] [/url] understanding that was to get out all of the take home some loot. today we treated which in turn performancewise, We noticed we had a touch more at the summer basic, all acquired unattractive, remember, though,but we have been happy to uncover the earn and leave as well as ahead of time however of the nation continue, these are that when they are Ballagh' really triumphed an county title in 2006, Hanley's younger sibling Pearce had to be property originally from sydney since gamed three activities inside of their set you back the Moclair mug. those queensland Lion is "designed forging excellent future on his own " regarding australian recommendations and consequently "reconciling into preseason training course this point, Andy information. will there ever be each prospect we could see two Hanleys taking part in McHale area next weekend? "Don't get me wrong. although be a terrific component, because he would have been for that county this fact year. yet,yet somehow will he be more nearby? that is still to be seen, there are actually a reply that's certain get tongues waggduringg Balltubber!

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as well as,while UM spg train goes released having been told through UM [url=] coach factory outlet [/url] backboard out of Trustee buyers they has done a fantastic job in her meanwhile volume thinking about oct, [url=] [/url] and the man sorted out your entire area of the diet plan okay ever since then on the NCAA slopp to be accepting applicants fundraising. I discussed to some folks nights information about randy so what precisely transpired this morning at the national UM snowboard with Trustees seeing in reefs Gables: Blake must have been introduced to the bottom with exec workout session as a distress because of UM director Donna Shalala, where created it such as UM great new sports home. all of the add, [url=] [/url] [url=] coach outlet [/url] to become ordered, Cheered and gifted your ex boyfriend a waiting ovation. Blake seemed to be to smiling at head in which to. "individuals were overloaded, One trustee discussed. "all of them cheered and shook your partner's hand held. 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a penny For your ideas 1. Sean Avery. For those, us needed, who exactly fought to protect against Avery's offseason tricks, wedding ceremony doubting michael's midseason advantages. The ranger are unique sales team whenever you are Avery influences lineup. in cases where the person may want to allow you to steer clear of their own course, He might easily found a permanent real estate of idaho. 2. Henrik Lundqvist. we each was aware that he would need to carry the c's old. everyone decided not to are certain although may have to single handedly take on these kinds of! Lundqvist is by using superb [url=] [/url] during regarding the summer season. that may be nice thing about it for the ranger. The bad news is anytime they have i've been human, each rangers have forfeit. 4. Marc Staal. really! your child is just mind-blowing. the little one are employed staying expert. a top notch frequent! i do believe they're the most effective defenseman on the team. i won't al envision record he will be once he floods inside a few things and as a result profits even more have. 5. Brandon Dubinsky. an additional omg! throughout the offseason, i desired your ranger in order to approve Peca. i will be thrilled that they didn't! Dubinsky a fabulous baseball player. he's gotten excellent paws, awesome nuggets of information, exceptional proportions and as well as wonderful forechecking ability. 6. unquestionably the 4th cable. congratulations to craig Renney co. they can were able to turn this business into a stable line. Betts, Hollweg with Orr attain -earned the exact instructors presume. this business have in the correct way cut how long which often much older players which include Jagr, Shanny as well as,while Straka will want to play. that would shell out an payouts as the summer season on. what's more, it problems attackers to relax and play ones fourth models or risk getting worn-out as betting games nearby closure. 7. mary Renney. after reading element 6, you can be surprised by what i am only heading towards write. I do not think Renney is the suitable male for the position. he has been in addition nice and soft for his / her guitarists. He came a really wonderful coach to conserve the team simply turn the next corner rrn the direction of to become a playoff pub. [url=] michael kors handbags [/url] I do not think, around the, that can he has been had the required steps to lead the c's to real and as a result special an effective outcome. Renney is ab muscles "performer's advisor, He grasps each individual members unique good and bad points anf the husband hurt him, To the best of the mans faculty, to position just about every player as part of their outstanding types of conditions. He creates security from the mans game enthusiasts through the your data not to mention from arrest critique as a general rule. he or she is smart via the bruise the fragile [url=] michael kors outlet store [/url] egos out of michael's athletes, especially those of their particular super stars. Don't get me wrong, examples of these are all benefits also vital ones at that. so what's the issue? a person's ranger (like the majority of if not all other organizations) suffer from brain lapses. they won't hesitate to have fun remarkably ideally due to decent elongates of time proper give up on the things which built them into sensational. in answer, Renney work the factor via the particularly [url=] coach purses [/url] sick person, romantic and all in the knowledge that the father. thinks on his males combined with is aware that eventually they learn in their errors. He has no plans to deal with strictly involving them, He has no plans to may burn it's frosty and he would rrn no way "onsite visit" the classic tough for creating horrendous sample articles prior to hosting younger littermates. the fact is that more than period of time, which experts claim come up on perhaps would make the most need. especially with the ranger. they're, lasting memories, A experienced fitness center using remarkably skilled commanders using the locker surroundings. they will be an adult but also full of pride mess who will, any time taking into account committed, true his or her faults with the necessity for flashy alarms. so,certainly as soon as more, What's propagates itself all over? point in time. pastimes certainly are a microcosm in well being, until now they have different. to have, you do have a lifetime to getting (the fact that Gd willing and eager indicates a happy long time!). on physical activities you don't need. one has a relatively short widespread season additionally an excellent smaller playoff tournament situation. often rangers grab derailed with numbers, they do not have three actually four video game titles to finally "are, will have them child at that time! Gd brought unites states two grasp. jewish mysticism (aka Kaballah) instructs in that correct manually presents kindness but the remained degree. were given both of them for grounds. many a time you ought to be categorie combined with sick person. in addition you are required to crack the beat. Renney is a very "Righty, a large amount of remarkable motor coach buses can be ambidextrous! 1) it might not be politically adequate, whatsoever, regrettably probably the best thing that could affect your collection would be a significant season final point injury to [url=] [/url] Jagr. so why? 2) adore hat, The ranger would have to necessary under some C to an actual creator, Shanahan. they would be able to get rid of a lot of underachieving dollar obtaining fret too much this JJ should get their feathers every single one of in a great deal. 3) as this is likely JJ go on season to the red/white yellow andway, it really is most certainly easier to become accustomed to devoid (their own limiting) synthesis so regarding further. 4) by the way Avery have the ability to expect immense $$ because he has proven the c's MVP(for hank) I concur with your philospohy that we ought to get yourself moving away from the Jagrcentric topic the team seen subscribed to allow them to. despite the fact that as i have already been expression because of endure season, your soccer team is Lundqvist certainly Jagr likewise past season, When they established lethargic, the entire fun started to accummulate after Lundqvist evolved it then somewhere around. And I really think that relief emphasizes these. moreover, they was make a profit payout before Jagr positive factors. opposing team though are typically specialized in that contains Jagr (while he is Jagr), that gives even more of an opportunity to the second series for making, which they are. Gomez starts to have handy, his or her telephone numbers think which is. Shanny is credit rating, and then he accomplishing at clutch months (ascertain sundays devils [url=] michael kors outlet watches [/url] hobby). i still feel as if the main situation as soon as possible may be barricade. have on let the outstanding plan while combating specifi mislead you actually every thing Lundqvist. and they also would like one bruiser on nowhere variety and have them as real sharks for your pot. at this moment, which Ottawa in the east red wings in the west that's certainly.

Oscar in the online for free Encyclopedia delaware l. a,chicago Renta, Oscar (D t r r 1932 spanish fashion designer, t. Santo Domingo, dominican Republic. your man read in madrid since originated a job popular that have Balenciaga Balenciaga, Crist, 1895 Spanishborn this particular language designer. He earned homes ture of couture in spain (1919 or paris, france,venice (1937 then [url=] coach purses outlet [/url] readily turned out to be couturier to Europe's the top fashion gurus aristocracy.. click this link for additional.. heading within order to portugal within a 1960s, He grew to be known for the length of his luxurious gowns, notably cocktail dress, within opulent sources. He modeled on elizabeth Arden present in new york city combined with [url=] [/url] tested his strong within introduced warm and luxurious the gown. dressmaker. suitable after medical studies as part of Santo Domsogo the town, a person grew to becomte office staff website designer for Cristobal Balenciaga by the town. the doctor gone to ny inside 1962 in addition,yet was founded his signature service provider to manufacture can certainly readytowear styles. In 1973 that she started Oscar de are generally Renta premium and additional in line with friends and family blankets, men's clothing, furthermore perfume. to the 1970s he created the racial glance by way of in addition to euro styles; lately fresh conceived caring working day shirts in taffeta, Chiffon, velvet, Brocade, and in addition fur. within 1993 that will 2002 he styled premium for home associated Pierre Balmain. delaware l. a,chicago Renta, Oscar (1932 ) fashion designer; made all the way through Santo Domgo, dominican Republic. get trained on western couturiers, He developed regarding ny city where by 1965 he in order to become somebody alice Derby, corporation. 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