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Saskia Hamilton and Fanny Howe in Conversation

Poets Saskia Hamilton (Corridor) and Fanny Howe (Second Childhood) discuss William Blake, the unconscious, passages of time and space, and what happens when backstory moves up front.

Author Interviews: Elise Paschen Interviews Katie Ford

Poet and former executive director of the Poetry Society of America Elise Paschen interviewed poet Katie Ford as Graywolf published Ford’s new book Blood Lyrics. They talked about the new book, Ford’s writing process, composition as community, and the place of war in American culture.

BLACKBOARD Author Lewis Buzbee Interviews his High School French Teacher (plus a book giveaway!)

Blackboard author Lewis Buzbee interviews his high school French teacher Sally Galbraith, who is featured in the book, about her life in the classroom, teacher crushes, and what it means to make a difference..

James Franco and Tony Hoagland in Conversation

James Franco and Tony Hoagland discuss recent influences, memorization, and the role of poetry in American culture.

Video: Leslie Jamison and Kay Redfield Jamison in Conversation at Politics & Prose

Leslie Jamison discusses her national bestseller The Empathy Exams with her aunt, Kay Redfield Jamison, author of the national bestseller An Unquiet Mind, in a video provided by Politics & Prose.

Author Interviews: Major Jackson Interviews Dexter L. Booth

Scratching the Ghost by Dexter L. Booth was selected by Major Jackson for the Cave Canem Poetry Prize and published by Graywolf last November. In this conversation between Booth and Jackson they discuss autobiography in poetry, sentimentality, inventiveness, and the influence of images.

Martine Syms Interviews Kevin Young

In preparation for her Insights design lecture at the Walker Art Center on Tuesday, March 18, Martine Syms sent poet Kevin Young five questions, one for each “lesson” in his book, The Grey Album.

Alan Heathcock Interviews Alyson Hagy

"I’ve come to see writing as a blessing—at least to me. The muse is demanding. She never lets up. She gets witchier the longer I know her. But it’s a privilege to have been able to build a life around books and words. I actually wonder if I ever really had a choice." Alan Heathcock interviews Alyson Hagy about her novel, Boleto.

The Face of Skin, Inc.

Thomas Sayers Ellis’s Skin, Inc.: Identity Repair Poems features Ellis’s own black-and-white photograph of Chinyere Evelyn Uku, an African woman from Nigeria who has albinism. On the release of the paperback edition of Skin, Inc., Ellis conducted an interview with Uku about her life, identity, race, and image.

An Interview With A. Igoni Barrett

Graywolf editorial intern, Adam J. Segal, interviews A. Igoni Barrett, author of Love is Power, or Something Like That, about contemporary literature, language, technology, and motivations for writing.


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