Claudia Rankine's Citizen has now, thanks to Stephen Sachs and the Fountain Theatre, been adapted for the stage. In this interview Stephen says, "As adaptor, my first challenge was to identify language that was more easily understood when read with the eyes than when heard with the ears. Line by line, I kept asking myself: If an audience were just hearing this phrase, would they get it?"

For #ThrowBackThursday we thought we’d share the original cover design of the 1984 Graywolf collection Across the Mutual Landscape by Christopher Gilbert, winner of the Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets alongside its new packaging as Turning into Dwelling, the newest title in the Graywolf Poetry Re/View Series.

We asked some of our authors to recommend a book they believe every American should read over the Fourth of July, books they think are essential to the American conversation they see happening right now. As usual they did not disappoint!

"[Joshua] Cohen’s newest novel, Book of Numbers, just released by Penguin Random House, is a tome of metafiction. . . . But if you want a taste of Cohen before undertaking a book that has been compared to Infinite Jest, the stories in Four New Messages offer a condensed prophecy from a playful, dexterous, and uncannily veracious writer."—Remy Mason, Editorial Intern

"So, the goddamn flag is flying over the State Capitol. Don’t take it down, just take it. That’s what I say."

Graywolf couldn't run without our wonderful interns and we are grateful for everything they do behind the scenes—so now it's time to shine the spotlight on them! We're pleased to introduce our Summer 2015 interns.

Want to know what it’s like to work in publishing? Come to the Graywolf Press internship Informational session and get the skinny on all things intern.

On the publication of his new poetry collection, Nick Flynn offers a set of “disclaimers” on the book’s title,My Feelings.

Welcome to our latest installment of Sneak Peek. Paul Kingsnorth’s cerebral debut novel, The Wake (publication date: September 2015) was released in the UK to much critical acclaim. After sweeping up the Gordon Burn Prize, and a longlist spot for the Man Booker prize now he's headed over the Atlantic with this challenging and extraordinary book.

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kick back with a cold beverage and a good book. Author Margaret Lazarus Dean (Leaving Orbit: Notes from the Last Days of American Spaceflight) gives us both. Pick up a copy of Leaving Orbit and try one of these three space-themed cocktails created by the author herself.