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It’s an event that only comes around once every five or so years: international best-selling writer Per Petterson is coming to the US on book tour!

We're grateful to our interns for the hard work they do behind the scenes here at Graywolf—so now it's time to shine the spotlight on them! We're pleased to introduce our Winter/Spring 2015 interns.

Graywolf Press Director and Publisher Fiona McCrae interviews Paul Yamazaki, legendary head book buyer at City Lights Bookstore, for Pub Talk: Interviews with Literati.

Riverine by Angela Palm has been chosen as the newest winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize. Graywolf will publish the book in spring 2016.

"These moments of texture are far more interesting to me than writing a coherent 'story.'" Station Zed author Tom Sleigh on the Poet as Journalist as Poet.

"The directives for this cover were a departure from the typical poetry book." Graphic designer Jeenee Lee talks about her creative process in designing 3 Sections.

When I read a collection of short stories, I often find myself skimming through to find which stories look the most appealing, or at least have the most captivating first sentence.

Director and Publisher Fiona McCrae looks at the exciting fiction titles of 2015. Work by Pistalo, Doten, Petterson, Everett, and more!

Editorial Director Ethan Nosowsky looks at the exciting nonfiction titles of 2015. Work by Manguso, Nelson, Dean, and more!